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Don't Miss Our Next Exclusive Showcase!

Don’t Miss Our Next Exclusive Showcase!

It's Showcase Season!

It’s Showcase Season!

Once a month our entertainment team hosts a mini-showcase in our studio lounge to demonstrate their expertise and skill for potential clients. Various services are performed live including ceremony players, cocktail bands, DJ mixes, and vocalists. This is a no-obligation opportunity to get up close and personal with Bravura and discuss your wedding plans in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying fabulous entertainment.

Admission is free and refreshments are served.

Call to reserve: 516.367.7087  -OR-  631.923.3636

A Message from Wedding Entertainer & Entrepreneur, Tony Del Corvo,

I have now completed twenty years of hosting weddings as a MC entertainer. My specialty in the field of weddings has always been music and entertainment. I can honestly say that after 20 years of being a wedding host, there is still room for more… MUCH MORE!

“2015” is all about change for me. This year I plan on utilizing my wedding knowledge and 20-year experience to expand my bridal services.

“2015” is the year to think big, attain goals, and create! I ask that you share with me your upcoming wedding plans and allow me to get to know who “YOU” are and what “YOU” desire.

“2015” is the year to share this excitement together and create an extraordinary wedding of your dreams. I look forward to personally making sure that “YOU” have a flawless wedding that ultimately reflects your style, taste, and personality.

Happy New Year and I look forward to doing great things together.

Bravura Entertainment sets the Stage..

Bravura Entertainment sets the Stage..

Effect lighting has become a necessary part of Wedding décor. Without lightning, a live performer, disc jockey, and host will lack presence. Venue lighting will improve the experience your guests have. When designed correctly, the right lighting will add to the venues décor and natural ambiance. Wedding lighting is an art form and at Bravura, we pride ourselves in servicing our client’s with lighting and stage perfection.

For more information, call our studio at 516.367.7087   OR   631.923.3636

Ethnic Wedding Traditions

Ethnic Wedding Traditions

Bravura Entertainment is known for their world music library and their ability to entertain in a multilingual fashion, but what really separates us from others is our extensive knowledge of ethnic wedding traditions. We love when a Bravura bride is having a traditional American wedding reception while celebrating their natural heritage by rediscovering age-old cultural traditions. With having the familiarity and knowledge of these ancient worldwide traditions, the Bravura entertainment team will assist you with introducing your culture to your family and friends.

At our Chinese culture receptions, it is customary for the bride to wear a dress that is a vibrant red and that is embroidered with silver and gold thread. The color red is thought to bring good luck, so cloaking a bride in vestments of red is considered lucky.

During our African American
weddings, one of the most popular cultural trends is jumping the broom, which is a symbolic way to “jump” into marriage with both feet.

Of course, Bravura Greek weddings are notoriously boisterous and fun. The “Circle Dance” and “Money Dance” both originate with the Greek culture.

At the very beginning of our Russian receptions, before the Bride and Groom share their first dance together, Bread and Salt are offered to the newlyweds by both parents as a symbol of health, prosperity and long life.

Our Jewish receptions are joyous celebrations with many traditional dances. A energetic, circle dance called the Hora is performed. The bride and groom will hold on to either end of a handkerchief and are lifted into the air on chairs.  They are celebrated as the king and queen of the night.

One of the most recognized songs and traditional dances at Bravura Italian receptions is the Tarantella. A festive circle dance where all guests are encouraged to join in and celebrate with the newlyweds.

All ethnic wedding traditions are a joy to share with your loved ones. At Bravura, is our pleasure to be a part of this special occasion and celebrate with the most important people in your life!