Music Final

Music Final Instructions

Before opening the (Music Final Form) located at the bottom of the page, please make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader here

Read These Helpful Tips!

Note: You must first download the newest version of Adobe Reader, correctly install it, and make sure your computer or device is programmed to open the Final Form using Adobe Reader.

Note: Some desktop computers automatically open the Final Form using a (Preview) format and this will not work!

Helpful Tip: If you are not sure whether or not you are viewing the Music Final Form in Adobe Reader format, please try the below mentioned:

  • Open the Music Final Form from Bravura’s website
  • Before completing it, immediately save it to your desktop
  • Close out of the Bravura website and internet
  • Re-open the saved Final Form from your desktop and confirm that it re-opened using the Adobe Reader.

Complete all fields and answer all questions on our electronic Music Final Form.


  • For assistance with selecting music genres and/or formality songs, see Bravura’s (Top 20) located on our website in the Music Library Page.
  • All formality songs have the (DJ Choice) option. This will allow our experts to select a song for the specific moment using their wedding experience and musical knowledge.
Email the completed (10-Page) Music Final Form to:

Note: Bravura does not accept handwritten Final Forms and/or forms submitted via fax or by mail. Email and digital version is the only acceptable option. All Music Final Forms that are submitted incorrectly will be voided by Bravura and must be resubmitted.
A Bravura entertainment specialist will contact you to schedule your music final appointment at our studio.

Note: All music final appointments will be scheduled according to your (Music Final-Time Block) located on Bravura’s entertainment contract.
What to expect during a Bravura Music Final
Our entertainment specialists will confirm all information submitted on your Music Final Form, discuss your requests, and tailor the entertainment style for your upcoming wedding. We will also discuss the timeline and confirm all details for services that you have arranged including live music, lighting, plasma screens, montages, and décor. Lastly, you will have the option to upgrade your entertainment package (subject to availability) and the final balance is collected.
Reminder: As per the terms listed on Bravura’s entertainment contract, the final balance must be made in cash or certified-bank check.
Note: Bravura does not accept personal checks and/or credit card as a form of payment for the final balance, however; we do accept credit card payments for all add-ons/upgrades if you choose to add services to your entertainment package.
Download Music Final Form Here